Professional Training

We are experienced in designing and delivering training programmes tailored to your needs. John Pointing has over 20 years experience providing professional training for environmental health professionals and lawyers for the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health, local authorities and industry.  With David Horrocks, John has run many courses on noise nuisance, statutory nuisance law and enforcement, and anti-social behaviour.  John also runs a course on statutory nuisance law and residential property with Stephen Battersby.


The reorganisation of LA services and the increasing use of non-EHPs often results in shortages of sufficiently skilled and experienced front-line officers.  We have designed some interactive training courses to develop skills for small groups (up to 16) of officers new to these tasks who are not as well-qualified as accredited EHPs. These include:

  • Two-day course on Enforcement of Noise Law, covering construction noise, noise from intruder alarms, entertainment noise
  • Day course on Residential Noise Nuisance
  • Day course on Commercial Noise Nuisance
  • Day course on Statutory Nuisance and Housing Act enforcement for residential property
  • Two-day course on the Enforcement of Licensing Law and Entertainment Noise.

We also run training events for industry to establish best practice and enabling businesses to avoid expensive litigation and enforcement. Our course on Meeting the Challenges of Local Authority Enforcement was praised by one Tesco Regional Risk Manager:”Very informative training course. Great use of interactive conversations. Well delivered. Thank you for your time.”


Please get in touch if you would like us to run any of these courses for your organisation, local authority or for a group of LAs.  Our training is both very practical and well focused. We emphasise the following:

  • up to date analysis and information on legal provisions and best practice
  • use of small groups/workshops
  • intelligent use of enforcement powers
  • advice on conduct of investigations and drafting notices
  • courtroom skills
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