Problem Resolution

At SNS we aim to analyse a problem from all sides. Both David Horrocks and John Pointing are instructed by regulators and by businesses. We can analyse the problem covering both the technical and legal aspects. We would prefer to be involved early on, before one or other of the sides decides to dig itself in. Early problem resolution is usually going to be cheaper, quicker and more effective. It also helps to keep the victims of nuisances on board.

Examples include:

  • problem resolution and case management: acting for the local authority, under its supervision, to resolve nuisances when first reported
  • resolving abatement notice issues: acting for industrial/ commercial organisations around time notice is served or likely to be served
  • achieving compliance with published good practice guidance (eg noise, odour)
  • independent case reviews
  • presenting cases to council officers and service committees
  • independent review of planning conditions
  • independent review of LA out of hours services

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