Our Services

What do we offer?

Statutory Nuisance Solutions offers a range of technical, legal, advisory and training services according to your needs at a reasonable cost.

For whom?

  • environmental health professionals in local government and industry
  • commercial firms
  • solicitors in local government and private practice
  • consultants

Cost effective

  • you define what you want
  • we will give you a quotation before starting the work
  • you pay only for the service that you require

Subscription Service

We offer a subscription service where, for an annual fee, you can obtain direct telephone access to our experts and receive technical and legal advice, whenever you need it, up to a pre-agreed maximum number of hours. This pay-as-you-go service offers great flexibility and once you have used up the credit, you can top it up if you wish to. Please enquire for further details.

Technical Support

Regulators and businesses are concerned to use resources effectively and efficiently.  We can assist by providing professional technical support where you need it, cost effectively. more

Legal Advice and Drafting

A major advantage of working with SNS is that we can offer both legal and technical advice from the same organisation. more

Problem Resolution

We aim to analyse the problem from all sides covering both technical and legal aspects.  We prefer to be involved early on, before one or other side decides to dig itself in. more

Dispute Resolution

Too often, cases drag on and stumble in court. We are committed to trying mediation and arbitration to resolve disputes, taking into account the positions of regulators, businesses and residents. more

Professional Training

We are able to design and deliver training programmes relevant to your needs. We would be happy to design bespoke training for you. more

SNS is committed to effective dispute resolution. One of the great advantages of working with SNS is that we can offer both legal and technical advice from the same organisation. John Pointing, the Legal Partner, is a barrister with many years experience of advising and representing clients in statutory nuisance cases.
  • Case Studies

    Here are case studies of some of the problems we have been involved with over the years. They illustrate the kind of approach we like to use.more
  • Professional Training

    We have over 20 years experience running professional training events for environmental health professionals and lawyers for the CIEH, local authorities and industry.more